What’s NEW On Handicaddie?

Public Slots

Our latest feature update is a game-changer for all the golf clubs that partner with us. We understand the need to streamline caddie program management, reduce last-minute requests, and efficiently fulfill large bookings in a short time frame. We’re thrilled to introduce ‘Public Slots,’ a feature designed to meet these needs.

💨 Fastest Finger First

Here’s what you need to know about this exciting addition to our Caddie app and Caddiemaster app:

Let your caddies decide who’s most eager to take on a job. The quickest caddies to accept a slot will secure the opportunity.

🗓️ Caddie Availability Settings

With Public Slots, caddies can now view available slots for days they haven’t specified their availability. This opens up more possibilities for finding the perfect match for your schedule.

📣 Notifications

At the end of each day, we’ll notify your caddies about the number of new public slots they’re eligible to claim.

🚫 Avoid Booking Conflicts

We’ve ensured that caddies won’t be shown opportunities that clash with their existing tee-time bookings. This feature works similarly to the ‘Booking’ panel in the scheduler, helping you avoid scheduling conflicts.

⏳ Time-Limited

Public slots are available until the required number of caddies for a job is met. This ensures efficient and timely booking.

With Public Slots, we’re taking caddie program management to the next level, saving you time and making scheduling smoother. Try out this feature and experience the benefits for yourself!

What do you think of these changes? Let us know what you think.

We have helped to eliminate 100+ hours of painful admin at top caddie programmes across the globe. At Handicaddie we are actively looking to integrate our system into other software that golf clubs use like tee sheet providers to deliver an unparalleled experience.