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Why you should book caddies for your golf trip to Ireland

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Written by Graham Curry

After months of planning, you and your group are all set to embark on your next golf trip. You are looking forward to catching up with old friends, seeing new places and testing your game on some incredible courses. Who knows, maybe this is where everything comes together, and you shoot the round of your life.

You arrive to the first course of your trip. You are greeted by the members and staff, and then head towards the 1st tee. Your excitement has reached fever-pitch; however, this excitement quickly turns to dread when you realise this is the first ball you have hit in two weeks, and after a day travelling. Doubt begins to creep in, and your mind suddenly focuses in on the out of bounds lurking menacingly down the left-hand side of the hole.  Amidst these distractions, a reassuring voice emerges, “Right centre of the fairway is perfect sir, trust your swing”. Relief, you remembered to take a caddie. Clarity had been restored.

For playing golf courses that you are not familiar with, or not a member of in fact, caddies really are worth their weight in gold. Here’s 5 reasons why caddies should be a must on your next golf trip:

1.      Feel like a tour pro

Say goodbye to worrying about pitch marks, divots and best of all, carrying your bag. Being relieved of these tasks will allow you to soak in every detail of the venue, while giving your full focus to each shot and allow you to shoot the scores you know you can

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Book a caddie and get the tour pro experience.

2.Gain Local insight

While a bit of online research will give an area’s top attractions, caddies will have incredible insights into the hidden gems in the area.  This can allow you to experience the area/country in a completely different way, and gain insights into local traditions and culture that you simply couldn’t find in the busier bars and restaurants that are catered specifically for tourists. Who knows, the caddies might even join you for a drink in the 19th!

3. No more blind tee shots

Speaking as an Irishman, for our world-famous Royal County Down Links, taking a caddie is a must. With the fairways hidden on several tee shots, being able to step up to a shot knowing that you have the right line will inspire confidence in your game. The only downside is that you won’t have an excuse if your shot goes astray!

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With several blind tee shots, Royal County Down must be tackled alongside a caddie. Credit:

4. Lower your scores

Whether it be through reading a tricky double breaking putt or finding your ball when you’re in the tall stuff, caddies can certainly shave a considerable number of strokes off your score. Their experience and course insight will also ensure your strategy and course management is spot on for each hole.


5. Group Entertainment

Through their years of experience, caddies always seem to know the best stories, whether it be about an actor or comedian they carried the bag for, legends about the area or just light-hearted banter. Even if the golf is not going to plan, having caddies will be sure to lift the spirits of everyone in the group.

Having the right caddie beside you is sure take the stress out of your round and allow you the freedom to enjoy the course, take in the scenery and have a great game. From being a caddie myself, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a player walk of the course with a beaming smile, knowing that they’ve had an incredible experience.  You know you’ve done your job.

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Job well done: It is our job as caddies to make the golfers’ day one that they will remember.

I believe that every golfer should have this feeling after every round on their trip. Now you can, using our innovative new platform Handicaddie. We are the Uber for Golf Caddies,  launching later this year our app gives golfers the opportunity to select your ideal caddies for your golf trip.

Personalize your experience and find the caddie that’s right for your game!

Graham Curry is an experienced caddie at Castlerock Golf Club and the Founder of Watch out for Handicaddie’s launch into golf clubs in Ireland and the UK this year through visiting