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Congrats! You are now taking the first steps to creating a stress free environment and saving 100’s of administrative hours for your team. To get the most of out this session with us please review all the information below.

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Here's What You Can Expect

These calls are designed to get a better understanding of the situation of your golf club’s caddie programme as well as the problems and challenges you face currently. What you will need for our first call:

  • The number of caddies and expected caddie rounds you plan to do.
  • Your key decision-makers at golf club
  • What is the main issue that you would like our system to solve?

The Handicaddie Effect

We’re thrilled with the incredible success we’ve had at the golf clubs we partner with! It’s been a game-changer, allowing us to eliminate more than 10 hours of administrative tasks per week! Let’s dive in and see how much valuable time Handicaddie can save you. 

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What Our Customers Say

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What Our Customers Say

If you have anymore questions regarding our demo session or about our services, please contact Graham using graham@handicaddie.comĀ to find out more information.