Your Next Caddie Opportunties Are A Click Away!

Your next caddie opportunity is only a click away!

 Today we announce the launch of the ‘Handicaddie Caddie Companion App’ for caddies, helping tour caddies find exciting caddying opportunities across Europe. 

Simply create your profile, set your availability and wait for the opportunities to come! With the launch of our new app, we’d thought we’d make a little guide on how you can use our platform to start getting new job opportunities, or sign up to be a tour caddie for the first time!

How To: Register On Handicaddie

Download the ‘Handicaddie: Caddie Companion’ app, which is available on iOS and Google Play stores.

Once you’ve registered and confirmed your email, select the tour that you’d like to caddie on. Your application will then need to be approved by the tour. Once this is done you can purchase a pass to become an active caddie on the tour.




You’ll see this screen once you’ve completed your application to caddie on a tour

Creating Your Profile

Players will be keen to hear a bit about you when they view your profile. Here’s some things to include:

Profile picture Giving players an idea what you look like

Your profile headline This is the text that gives players a reason to view your full profile

Contact methods Players need a way to get in touch with you

All of these fields are available to update in your user profile tab on the Caddie Companion app.

This is an example profile that players will see on Handicaddie

Setting Your Schedule

To start setting your availability for upcoming tour events, navigate to the ‘Availability’ tab on the app. On this screen, you will find the ability to switch between Golf Club availability and Tour availability at the top. Select Tour from this menu.

By default you will see that you have no availability set. Therefore, to add your availability, navigate through the ‘Update Availability’ button so you can view the upcoming events for your tour. Once you see the events, just simply tap on the events that you’re available for and then return to the top of the page and tap ‘Update Availability’ to save

We are currently in a testing phase of the app. Once we complete testing we will notify you of any changes that we plan to make well in advance.





Click on events you’d like to work to update your availability 






We’re always here to help, so if you have any problems setting up your profile or general queries about the app, please get in touch with us at and we will assist you!

Download the Handicaddie app here:

IOS: Click here

Android: Click here

We’re excited to be working with you this season!

About Handicaddie

Handicaddie is an app built by Irish caddies Graham Curry, Jamie Kee and Ryan Bennett in 2020. Driven by our experience in caddying at golf clubs, we began designing a software solution in which golf clubs could use to schedule their caddie jobs on. We currently work with golf clubs across the UK including Ardglass, Trump Aberdeen and North Berwick as a digital solution for their caddie programme.

If you feel the app could be of benefit to your club or tour, feel free to contact us at

We’d be glad to assist you!