Handi Caddie Helping You make The Best Of Your Golfing Experience

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There are many benefits of hiring Caddies for your Golf trip across Northern Ireland & Ireland. Handi Caddie founder, Graham Curry, knew this and decided to create a new and easy way for golfers, young and old, to find and book Professional Caddies.

Helping Golf Clubs across Ireland

We know more than anyone that organising caddies can be stressful for Golf Players, Caddies and the Golf Clubs which is why we created a system that removes the stress out of your golfing experience across Ireland. Our Handicaddie system includes features that allows you to make running your caddie programme as simple as possible, saving time and money. 


Our Handicaddie can:

  • Instantly notify your caddies of job opportunities
  • Monitor how your caddies are performing through having full access to caddie’s profiles and work portfolio
  • Allows you to view your bookings and caddie requirements for months in advance
  • Create a section on our platform dedicated to your club

We’ve Got an App

Our amazing Handiecaddie website system is not all our offer to make your golfing experience as enjoyable as possible. We have created an App! Our Handicaddie app does everything our website system allows you to do and more! 

Using Handicaddie, you will now have the opportunity to set your schedule in advance and accept jobs that suit your lifestyle. Our Handicaddie App is free to use, as well as that, it can send you instant notifications of job opportunities, control when and where you want to work and a rating system where you can achieve up to a 5 star rating and get rewarded for your performances.

The Handicaddie App is super easy to use with just 3 steps!

  1. Register your club
  2. Set your schedule
  3. Accept jobs and get paid!

….that is all!

Make the Best out of Your Golfing Experience

We are a caddie platform that aims to work with tour operators worldwide, starting from home. You can register our Handicaddie App or use our online booking system all over Ireland!


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